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Dualens Shopping Guide

Shopping glasses and sunglasses online has never been easier. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you’ll be discovering your favorite frames in no time.

Start by heading to our navigation bar found on any Dualens Page. There are a couple categories to choose from depending on what type of products you’re looking for.

The Featured section will usually showcase current sales and promotions, as well as special collection items. Specific product categories i.e. Glasses & Sunglasses will showcase all our product under each product category.
Click on one of the following categories and browse through the selection. You can use our product filters to show only specific products that you might be interested in.
Once you find the product you like click on the product and it will bring up the product detail page. From here you can see everything from the price, to the promotions available for the product, as well as, the different colors for the particular frame. You can also scroll down to see more specific attributes such as sizing/ frame measurement, material, and lens properties. When you are ready to make your purchase, select add to bag, or add lenses (for prescription eyewear).
This next step applies to prescriptions only i.e. glasses or contact lenses. For sunglasses, you may skip to Step 5. If you have an existing prescription you may select it from the “Select Rx” drop down menu. You can save your prescription to your account to speed up future purchases. If you do not have an existing prescription, fill out all necessary attributes including the PD. When you have finished filling out your prescription. Click the “NEXT” button.

Note: To purchase plano glasses/ non-prescription glasses, select the black button on the left-hand side labeled “FRAME ONLY.”
On the next page, select from a couple different lens options. Every frame purchase comes with complimentary Dualens 1.57 Aspheric lenses. For stronger prescriptions (SPH: -4.0 to -6.0) we recommend our 1.6 lenses and for prescriptions with above -6.0 SPH, we recommend upgrading to our 1.67 lenses. You also have to option to upgrade to Dualens Blueless Lenses. Blueless lenses are Dualens’ exclusive digital screen protection lenses that protect our eyes from harmful bluelight.
If you have finished selecting all your desired products, click the bag icon located at the top right of the page.
From the cart menu, you may review your purchase and make changes accordingly. You may add, subtract, and even delete unwanted products.
In the promo code section, you may select any coupons you might have. Check our Coupon Guide for more information. When everything looks good, proceed to checkout with the “CHECKOUT” button.
Fill in your address and shipping method. On the submit page, you may select purchase with points if you have a point balance greater than 500 or pay with existing credit. Whenever you’re ready, hit the submit order button to complete your purchase.
STEP 10.
You may click on Order History from your account page to check your order status as well as tracking information.
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