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Dualens Membership Benefits
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Becoming a Dualens member is beneficial and rather simple. As a special thanks, we offer exclusive promotional discount to our valued members. Our membership program is pretty straight forward. There are six different levels - each receiving special benefits along the way. By just signing up, you receive 100 points! Read this guide to learn how to gain more points!
100 Points (Register to receive 100 points) Dualens Regular Price
101 Points Dualens Regular Price
600 Points Dualens Price with 2% Off
3000 Points Dualens Price with 3% Off
5500 Points Dualens Price with 4% Off
8000 Points Dualens Price with 5% Off
Terms and Conditions
1. Promotional and Groupbuying products cannot be combined with the membership discount above.
2. Discounts for the different membership level are subject to the price on the product detail page and shopping cart.
3. Discount for the diamond membership level that cannot be used at same time with any rebate promotions.
4. Your account level points will be increased with your shopping. The system will automatically upgrade your membership once meet the      qualification.
5. By just signing up, you receive 100 points! Register Here
6. You will receive the corresponding points with the amount you purchase; Example: Spent $100, will receive 1000 points.
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