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Each step, from concept to design to our experienced manufacturers, is carefully drawn up and constructed to meet the Dualens standard. Our designers, based here in beautiful Southern California, draw inspiration from the surrounding cultures and apply them directly into their eyewear design. We make it our goal to provide glasses and sunglasses that appeals to all lifestyles – a style for each and every one of our valued Dualens members. With our extensive curated eyewear collection, we hope there’s a pair that’s perfect for you!
Dualens Styles
Dualens offers a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. You can use our filter function when browsing through our wide selection of frames to narrow your choices. Simply click on a category such as styles or colors and check all that apply. You can even apply more than one search filter at a time. Whether you’re looking for a classic wayfarer frame with its iconic outline, or a retro browline style with a beautifully contrasted frame-front, or even a new trending circle/round pair, we want you to find a style that you will fall in love with. Our designers are continuously working on new concepts and designs for each seasonal trend. So be on the lookout for our new arrivals and our ever-growing eyewear collection.
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Frame Details
Although design is arguably the most crucial aspect for any pair of eyewear, we feel that material and quality plays an equally important role. Design and quality go hand-in-hand here at Dualens. Each pair of our frames showcases remarkable details from the material, to the rivet, to even the hinges. Our designers work with our manufacturers and source the right materials to be used in our frames.

Often overlooked, the material and its construction can single-handedly determine a frames quality. Dualens offers a variety of materials ranging from acetate (our most common) to metal and even TR90 – a brand new, lightweight material.

Studio - Orange DL81002
Acetate is a high-grade cellulose based polymer that is sturdier than most generic plastic frames. Our acetate frames offer durability, comfortability, and can be made in any sorts of shapes and colors. You can learn more about acetate from reading our blogs. Metal is also extremely versatile, but the greatest benefits of metal glasses comes in its flexibility and its weight. Titanium frames will almost feel non-existent as they rest gently on your face. TR90 is a type of polymer that is extremely lightweight and flexible. The material is even more flexible than metal and will retain its shape upon impact or even when bent. The added benefit is that TR90 will not disfigure in high heat like acetate and other plastic materials.
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