How To Use Coupon at Dualens
How To Redeem & Use Dualens Coupons
Here at Dualens, we make it our goal to offer each of our members high-quality products at an extremely affordable price point. From time to time, Dualens offers special promotions and unique coupon codes for an opportunity at greater savings. To earn coupon codes, you must create a Dualens account. Don’t worry it’s free and it will only take a minute – you can register using this link. Once you have an account you can start earning Dualens Points, membership discounts, as well as coupon codes!

Unlike other stores, we give each member their own unique codes. You can customize your coupon selection to fit what works best for you. Whether you want only glasses, sunglasses, or even both, your coupons can be tailored to your shopping needs.

Redeeming coupons is quick and simple. Just follow these easy steps and for instant savings!
Click on "My Account" found at the header section of the website (top right).
Click on "My Reward Points" to check if there are any available coupons.
In the "My Reward Points" section, you can redeem any available coupons. Most of the coupons in this section will be available for 0 points (free), but occasionally, special coupons may be obtained using your acquired Dualens points. If there are coupons available, click on the “REDEEM NOW” button to receive the desired coupon. Don't be shy, you may claim them all!
On either the side navigation bar of your account page or the header bar, click on “My Coupons” to locate your coupon codes.
The “My Coupons” section showcases all your acquired coupons. The coupon code found on the left-hand side is probably the most important bit of information you will need (see picture below). You can copy this code, and paste it directly into the promo-code box on the checkout page when you are ready to purchase your favorite Dualens eyewear. (for more details in step 6).
  • The DISCOUNT tab shows the amount saved for each coupon.
  • The MINIMUM ORDER shows the minimum amount needed to redeem the coupon.
  • The EXPIRY DATE shows the period in which the coupon is available.
  • The STATUS shows whether the coupon has been used, unused, or expired.
  • You can click the green Detail text for more information about the desired coupon.
  • STEP 6.
    When you check out, paste the desired code in the promo-code box, or you may also use the drop down menu and select the desired code. Click the APPLY COUPON button when you have finished selecting. If you accidentally select or apply the wrong coupon, you may click the RETAKE button to apply a different coupon code. Your savings will automatically be applied and reflected directly in the checkout summary section. Enjoy your savings!
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