Summer Styles of 2018
Posted at August 23, 2018 | by William H | in Featured Products

We have past the half way point for the Summer of 2018 and I would like to take this chance to reflect upon the popular styles of this summer. The hands-down most popular style for this summer would be wireframe glasses. This trend has risen in popularity since last year and has continued since.

Wireframe glasses are simple, elegant – and perfect for all occasions. Here are a few popular choices from Dualens members – including many brand-new glasses!

Cascade - Gold (DL72123 C5)
Muti - Gold/Black (DL82028 C2)
Conifer - Silver (DL72135 C2)
Song II - Gold (DL72129 C3)
Achilles - Silver (DL75004 C5)
Caulfield - Red (DL75003 C5)