What is Acetate?
Posted at July 27, 2017 | by William H | in Fashion Eyewear
What is Acetate/TR90?

Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic that was first discovered in 1865. Its discovery changed the face of many different industries as it’s used commonly for film, playing cards, but most notably for eyeglasses. Around the mid 1900’s, eyeglass manufacturers began using cellulose acetate in replace of older materials. Cellulose acetate, in comparison to older materials, has the added benefit of being lighter weight, more durable, and can come in a wide range of transparencies. Also during the manufacturing process, color can be added allowing for a variety of custom designs.

The way cellulose acetate is manufactured is through a chemical combination of purified cellulose from wood pulp or cotton fibers along with acetic acid, acetic anhydride, and a catalyst agent. Because cellulose is derived from plants, cellulose acetate is a renewable resource that is also hypoallergenic, and provides a “natural feel” when worn. In many ways, acetate is arguably better than your conventional plastic frames. Although more expensive, when worn, you can really feel the difference. Try on a pair of Dualens' Acetate frames.

Top: Dapper - Black         Bottom: William - Tortoiseshell

At Dualens, we offer a variety of designs to suit as many styles possible. The material used has a significant influence on the way a product will end up looking. Different materials can offer a certain look, strength, and style. Metal can be thin and still withhold its shape while acetate can be made into a variety of patterns (i.e. tortoise shell).

TR90 is a relatively new material made from Swiss technology. TR90 is a type of polymer that is extremely lightweight and flexible, yet extremely durable. It’s flexibility allows for the frame to bend upon impact and still retain its original shape afterwards. Unlike acetate, which has the colors and patterns infused upon manufacturing, the colors are spray painted after manufacturing. One added benefit compared to acetate frames is that TR90 will not lose its shape even when exposed to high heat.