5 Trendy Looks to Rock with Cat Eye Sunglasses
Posted at May 04, 2018 | by Brandon Park | in Fashion Eyewear
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5 Trendy Looks to Rock with Cat Eye Sunglasses

It's the trend that never dies. Cat eye sunglasses are making waves across social media this year. If you're not sure what type of sunglasses to purchase, take a look at how Cat eye sunglasses can add a splash of style to your outfits. These sunglasses are a bold statement on any day of the week. Here's our take on the top looks you can wear with cat eye sunglasses

Whisker - Blue (DL85022 C4)

Pop of Color:

Looking to up the ante? Try wearing warmer summer tones to compliment the cat eye frames. With summer just around the corner, a bright cropped tee and some shorts is an outfit that you can rock with these cat eye sunglasses.


This look combines modern hipster with vintage aesthetics. Rocking a black leather jacket with some vintage cat eye sunglasses is a great way to add classical appeal to your outfit. If you're going for a more retro look, pairing your lob with some black cat eye glasses is the perfect choice.


Whether you're going out for a cup of coffee or heading to the gym, cat eye sunglasses are an easy look to pull off. Rocking a pair of comfortable leggings and a hoodie, let's you stay casual and low profile.


A pastel jacket, white tee and blue jeans is an outfit you can wear any day of the week and still look great. By matching these with a pair of black cat eye sunglasses, you can create a minimalistic artsy vibe.

Black out Bold:

Ready to make a statement? A great way to accentuate your all black everything outfit is to style them with wireframe cat eye sunglasses. This duo is sure to make you stand out.

Bottom Line

With many different shades available and many more models coming soon, Cat eye sunglasses are a great way to accessorize your eyes. Remember to look out for new drops and exclusive discounts on our Instagram account. You might just find your next favorite pair of sunglasses. We, at Dualens, provide high quality sunglasses in many different colors starting as low as $20.