Posted at November 07, 2017 | by Lucas Fratzke | in Fashion Eyewear

In this constantly changing and forever evolving world of business, one must be able to stand out among the crowd, to be different. StyleCon is a convention that brings together fashion and beauty lovers, social media presences, and companies in an event which thrives on community, networking, and perhaps most obviously, style.

Here at Dualens, we pride ourselves in our affordability, functionality, and aesthetic. These three qualities proved very effective at this conference and among the many of our products that we sold, the Atlas and Comet sunglasses were our top sellers.

StyleCon 2017 in Orange County focused on empowerment, something that we at Dualens take very seriously, embodied in our slogan, ‘vision for all.’ We hope to provide quality eyewear and contact lenses that are both affordable and stylish for anyone and everyone. No matter your needs, taste, or price range, Dualens has something for you.