Seven Struggles All People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand
Posted at March 28, 2018 | by Brandon Park | in Talks

Seven Struggles All People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

Ever wonder what it feels like to have to wear glasses? You would think the worry would be lifting up your frames once in a while or cleaning them with your nice cloth. Unfortunately, we, bespectacled people, struggle a lot with these two pieces of glass. Whether you've just got your glasses or have had them for years, here are some of the struggles all people who wear glasses will relate to. #GrowingUpWithGlasses

Spy Kids Glasses

1. 3-D Movies

We all know the feeling when we're at the movies with friends and they decide to watch a 3-D movie. We pick up the 3-D glasses and look at them like what are we supposed to do with these. Aside from looking silly, we look like someone straight out of a Spy Kids movie and by the time we exit the theater, we just end up having a headache.

Disappointed Ryan Reynolds

2. "You look better without glasses"

We get this all the time. People think that we become completely different people. It's like right when we take off our eyeglasses we turn from Clark Kent to Superman. Unfortunately, we don't wear our glasses as fashion accessories. We need them to SEE.

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3. Hot Food

One of the worst things about wearing eyeglasses is that we can't enjoy any hot food. I'm kidding. Of course, I love my clam chowder and noodle soups. I just wish there was a way to eat them without my glasses fogging up. I think we all do.

Dog Googles

4. Rain/Cold Weather

Public enemy number one: Rain. Don't get me wrong. I actually love the rain and having my warm cup of joe in my hands. I love feeling the water droplets on my skin and jumping into puddles. The only thing is that I usually can't see. The rain droplets just latch on my glasses and it's just a waste of time to clean them because they get fogged up in seconds.

Eye Exam

5. Eye Exams

Although eye exams are better than going to the dentist, they could be stressful too. First, we got to worry about our insurance and what's covered and not covered. Then, the optometrist checks our lenses . The dreaded words he speaks while he changes lenses "One or Two?".

Squishing glasses

6. Squishing Them

Pro-tip #1 from mom was to keep my eyeglasses on top of tables. I didn't follow this rule and squished them while sitting on the couch. As a fellow glasses-wearer, I can safely say that we've all broken at least one pair in our lifetime. Then, we try to resolve the situation by layering as much duct tape possible to hold the broken parts together.

Velma Looking For Glasses

7. Losing them

For something we need on a daily basis, we tend to always lose them. You would think that we'd learn to keep them safe. After a while, we begin to get extra pairs of "back-up" eyeglasses just in case we lose them. I can safely say I have around 4 pairs just in case.

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