What Color Contacts Should I Get?
Posted at April 11, 2018 | by Brandon Park | in Talks
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What Color Contacts Should I Get?

A lot of people are converting from traditional glasses to contact lenses. However, more people are beginning to wear contacts as a fashion statement. For these people, colored contacts are a great option. Color contacts are designed specifically for their appearance, but are still medical devices. Therefore, anyone who wants to purchase them needs a prescription. You can choose different color hues like hazel brown, brilliant blue, and much more.

Types of Color Contacts

Acuvue Define 1-Day Natural Shine 90pk

Visibility Tint:

These color contacts have a light blue, green or silver colored tint. They're specifically designed to help you see the contact lens when you're putting them in and taking them out. Therefore, you won't really see it affect your natural eye color. If you're looking for a pair that helps bring out your natural eye color, the Acuvue Define Natural Shine is a stellar option.

Enhancement Tint:

These lenses are see-through and have a darker hue than the visibility tint contacts. Their purpose is to accentuate the person's natural eye color. This type of contact lens is designed for people with light colored eyes to make the natural eye color bolder. For a bolder brown, try out the Air Optix Colors Pure Hazel.

Color Tint:

This is a solid color tint that helps change the color of your eyes completely. These color contacts are the ones that people usually are wearing. They come in many different forms: Plano (non-prescription), bifocal, disposable, and astigmatism. The FreshLook Dimensions Caribbean Aqua 6pk is a great option for people who want a nice aqua blue-green hue. The colors are made to exactly replicate the hue. With many different colors to choose from, you can mess around and experiment with them. Many distributors have free trials for select color contacts. Dualens provides free contact trials, so you can try them before purchasing a pack.

Skin Tones

Dark Colored Skin

For Dark colored skin, color tint color contacts are the contacts for you. They provide excellent bright colors that stand out. If you want a more subtle look, you can opt for a color that most closely matches your natural eye color. I have dark colored eyes, so I use a Hazel Brown color tint to brighten them up a bit.

Light Colored Skin

For Lighter colored skin, enhancement tints or color tints can provide nice eye color. I recommend going for a silver, green or blue color. These colors help intensify the look you are going for. If you want a more natural look, you can always opt for an enhancement tint in those colors. For people with darker hair, a light brown color contact lens is a great pairing that matches your hair color.

Bottom Line

With many different shades available and many more coming soon, color contacts are a great way to add a little shimmer to your eyes. Remember to look out for free trials on color contacts. You never know, you might find your next favorite pair. We, at Dualens, provide high quality color contacts in many different colors starting as low as $20.