What are Panto Glasses?
Posted at March 05, 2018 | by Brandon Park | in Guides
Modern Panto Eyeglasses vs. Vintage Panto Eyeglases

Ours vs. Vintage Style


Pantoscopic Eyewear, commonly referred to as "Panto" glasses, are a style of glasses that the National Health Service (NHS) created during the 1950's - 1970's. The NHS is a state held healthcare system that offers free treatment to all citizens. It was created in 1946 after the war because the Labor government understood the importance of combating and defeating disease and providing free healthcare. The idea was taken from the Liberal economist W. H. Beveridge (1879 - 1963).

What are Panto Glasses?

Panto is derived from the word "pantoscopic", which means that a bifocal eyeglass lens is designed for both reading and looking at distance. These frames were highly sought after because the NHS allowed people from all over to get an eye examination and eyeglasses if needed. The frame of the glasses were made up of thin metal. The lenses were oval and circle shaped with a high hinge connecting the arms. Nowadays, panto glasses are coming back in favor and could result in a huge increase once again. From different styles to choose from, there is a pair for everyone.

Where Can I Purchase Them?

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