Looking Perfect For Your First Date
Posted at August 23, 2018 | by John Joe | in Guides

Should I Wear Glasses to a First Date?

Excellent question. This is a question that many other people wonder about too! There's just too much to think about when preparing for a first date. You have to wonder about restaurants, activities, talking points and so much more. Thinking about all this is giving me a headache. We don't want you to worry about so much. So, here's our take on what eyewear to wear to a first date. These questions will help you narrow down what you should wear to your first date.

Is it Time to Upgrade my Glasses?

You've been wearing the same type of glasses since you were in middle school. These glasses have been through countless all-nighters, parties and hangouts and you're really worried about how your date will feel if he/she sees you with these old glasses. If you are dressing to impress, you might want to invest in a new pair of eyeglasses that fits your style. Our design team at Dualens have handpicked these new options for you to choose from.

Sourcil - Tortoise (DL71010 C2)
Anywhere - Black (DL72126 C1)

Or Maybe I Should Wear Contacts to a First Date?

This is totally up to you! As a glasses-wearing individual myself, there are so many struggles of wearing eyeglasses, although I often find glasses more convenient. All I have to do is wake up and put them on and I'm ready for the day. If you're not a fan of eyeglasses, contacts are definitely an option for you. You should always go to an optometrist to get your prescription checked out and he/she will recommend which type of contacts to buy. If you're looking for high-quality contact lenses at an affordable price, Dualens is the perfect place to go to shop for brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, Daillies and Biotrue.

What Now?

Let's remember that no matter what kind of eyewear you choose to wear to your first date, you should always choose something you're comfortable with. Now that you've chosen your eyewear, pair your frames with a complimentary outfit - and your'e all set. "Wow, look at you!" We wish you all the best and don't forget to smile!

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